Rest. The best actions begin with stillness.

A Meditative Storybook

If you’ve been looking for a way to slow down and find more meaning or fulfillment, I invite you to take ten minutes to absorb the message in this meditative tale about life, love, loss and a higher power. Better yet, watch it weekly for a while. Each time you do, you may find yourself becoming inspired, energized and open to ideas you had never considered before. Let the words, images, and music relax you into gentle contemplations. Experience what arises from a quiet mind…

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Neary Heng grew up working in the Killing Fields of Cambodia. From age five until late in her teens she lived imprisoned in refugee camps, witnessing unimaginable crimes. Since that time, she has traveled to America to start fresh, learning a new language, earning a...

Is Reading Giving You the Blues?

When I first started my stress management business in 2009, I did a lot of writing. I was soon a contributor to a prominent online publication. I enjoyed reading all of the articles written there, each focusing on different aspects of well being and taking care of the...

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Sheila provided a seminar at the Hoyt Library, “Fill my cup: Self-care for givers”. I was so impressed with the techniques Sheila taught and her expertise, I hired her to present a workshop for my staff. Sheila is amazing! She has since been a fixture at our staff workshops held twice a year.

Melissa A. Werner MLIS

Executive Director, Hoyt Library