Leave Your Thoughts at the Door

If you have a sharp intellect, you may wonder why you never seem to feel at peace. Do you love learning? Do you have an insatiable appetite for logic, facts, and data? It can be beneficial in many aspects of our lives. But being attached to your strong mind can also trap you in an endless loop of decoding and analyzing circumstances, conversations, and events.  Brainpower is actually limiting when it comes to serenity because it’s only able to guide us using thought-based intelligence (yes, there is another kind) and peace doesn’t really care about how much you know.

No matter how hard you try, your mind will never generate the kind of wisdom necessary to produce peace. Real wisdom arises in a space between thoughts. Wait. What? It’s true. Somewhere in between the facts and logical assertions your mind rattles on about, there exists a subtle, yet a profound powerhouse of possibility. Peace and inspiration enter when we rest in a relaxed state of awareness, with little or no regard to thought.

The great thing?  Peace won’t discriminate. It’s available to anyone, at any time, regardless of IQ. Haven’t you had some of your best ideas in the middle of a deep sleep or in the shower when you’re not trying? Boom! That idea didn’t come from being smart; it came from being quiet and at peace. It happened outside of thought.

Now that you know the secret, you can practice. Recognize that over-thinking is just a habit. Remember your mind is a tool, not an idol. Watch for excessive thoughts to appear, without getting upset when they do. Notice that they come in and then eventually leave. Find ways, like mindfulness training, to gently detach from engaging with them. Give yourself permission to watch them from a distance. Finally, rest easy in knowing there’s a peaceful dwelling inside you that is always available, hoping you’ll decide to drop in. Leave your thoughts at the door.