Be Present, Just for Now


One way to practice living in the present moment is to become more mindful – putting attention on something that is happening right now, without reacting to it in a positive or negative way. This doesn’t take as long as you might think. A minute or two of presence, several times a day rewires your brain to remain calmer during times of stress.

Imagine this: You’re director of a play, choosing something – like the feeling of cool air coming into your nostrils – to be on center stage, giving that feeling the spotlight. The object is to remain neutral and experience everything that happens when you put your attention on feeling the air touch your skin as it passes into your body, including if and when your mind wanders and other thoughts begin to take the stage, pushing the original intention away. Take note of these new thoughts. What are they? Stay neutral. Now call to the stage again, the sensations of air coming in…right up until your mind wanders – and it will! Take note of the new thoughts again. What are they? That’s it. You’re done.

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