Time expands when you slow down.


Corporate Consulting Services


Online Communities

These are six-week, intimate forums focused on stress management and self care.  Step into the conversations as often or infrequently as you wish. Daily events are designed to provide you a wide variety of ways to participate. Watch videos and live streams based on my personal experiences, interact with others, ask specific questions, gain access to the inspirational masters who have influenced me, get personal feedback and guidance.  Visit the events page to join an upcoming community.

Local Workshops

There is nothing like taking time to rejuvenate. Workshops allow an emotional and physical break to become more healthy, creative and inspired. Connect with others who have similar concerns. Practice stress reducing techniques you can take into your career and personal life. Inquire about workshops.


Do you have a group vacation or business forum planned?  Why not include a day of self care techniques or sit in on an inspirational talk? Each agenda is unique, customized to accommodate your schedule and objectives. Contact me for more information.

Video Chats

For current Facebook friends only, these 30-minute sessions provide a private setting to reduce stress and find balance during particularly troubling times. They are not designed to provide long-term or ongoing coaching, but rather to periodically gain a fresh perspective and foster a sense of peace. Details…

Speaking Engagements

Join with me as I share personal stories that reflect a diverse background, a sense of humor and a flexible nature. Discover, like I did, simple ways to cope with doubt, fear and stress. Find ways to rediscover passion and purpose. Begin habits that create improvements in your attitude, health and relationships. Ask about a speaking engagement.

Commonly Requested Topics:

  • A Quiet Mind: The Stillness that Moves Us

Developed for executives in the boardroom or directors of the playground, this talk answers the question “How can I learn to be more at ease?”  Discover why multitasking and over-planning can lead to slower results and disappointing outcomes. Find out how to create sustainable balance in a world filled with goals, deadlines, and responsibilities. Learn practical ways to relax into your efforts, feel your best and inspire others to do the same.

  • Change Your Mind, Change Your World

Designed for anyone who is ready for a change in their personal or professional life. Find out why you sometimes feel defeated, stuck or at a loss for creative solutions. This talk helps you discover ways to change your perspective and clear the path for a healthy, successful and satisfying life.

  • Fill My Cup: Self-Care for Givers

If you find joy and fulfillment in helping others, but often feel anxious and depleted, this talk is for you. Learn how to support others while maintaining a worry-free, healthy lifestyle. See how one small decision can greatly improve your sense of peace and your ability to make a difference in the lives of others.



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