That Thing That Happened



That thing that happened…
Don’t wish it away.
You don’t need to be brave or strong.
You don’t need to fight.
You don’t need to get back to where you were before.

That thing that happened…
It happened for you.
It’s not the enemy.
It’s your dearest friend.
Hold it close.
Be sad.
And listen.

Let it whisper the story that you’ve always known,
but have so easily forgotten,
about stillness and breezes and squalls.
And this moment right now.

This is your story.
Be here for it.
The one you’ve been creating was never yours.
The story line you wanted wasn’t big enough
to reach him and her and them and that.
But this is.

The vastness of your pain
crashes hard upon your heart.
It opens your eyes to what you already knew:
This is your story.

That thing that happened…
It happened for you.