This Quiet Place


If searching for the peace inside,
a quest for answers deep,
wondering why foreboding thoughts
are keeping you from sleep,
“If he and she and they and that
would only be like me,
if hate and pain would disappear
how perfect life would be.”

I’ll ask that you come walk with me,
into this quiet place,
to awaken from these nightmares
that cause your mind to race,
those where doors won’t open
and loved ones may be harmed,
where terrifying circumstance
cause deafening false alarm.

When you live to prevent Tomorrow
from delivering dismal fate,
thoughts get loud and tangled
refusing to abate.
Doubt is sure to follow
to captivate your mind,
striving to locate Certainty,
that phantom acting kind.

You may be tired of struggling,
with no relief in sight,
it has to be exhausting
to live in constant fright.
So join me now in stillness
to catch a whisper true,
“Extinguish Fear, not Hatred
and Love will bloom as You”.