Rest. The best actions begin with stillness.


No matter what the topic, I ensure a safe, confidential space to share and process during video chats. This is an opportunity for a long distance personal connection – a place to settle in and address issues that concern you.  We work on change, but we always begin by slowing down. Coming into the present moment is key to seeing the many opportunities you have available to you. Join me and learn ways to care for yourself physically, emotionally and spiritually.


What is a Video Chat?

A Video Chat is a way for people to get together for a conversation or discussion, even when they are in different cities or countries. Just like Skype, the two people in the call can see and hear the conversation, but no one else. The difference between Skype and Facebook Video Chat is convenience. If you are already my friend on Facebook, you’re in!

Why Video Chat

This service is offered to current Facebook friends who are experiencing difficulty with major change, stress or loss. It is designed to provide periodic assistance, rather than long-term coaching services. If you’d like guidance in finding peace, grounding yourself or finding your way spiritually during a difficult time, please contact me.

Video Chat Session Fee  $25 per half hour. Payment is due prior to the session via PayPal.

Schedule   Contact Me

How to Sign In:

We must be friends on Facebook to begin. To turn on Facebook video chat, go to messages and type Sheila Schultz. Look for a VIDEO CAMERA ICON videochaticonnext to my name. If you don’t see it, go to Facebook’s Video Calling page. At the appointed time, hit the video camera icon. I will be notified to answer your call and the session will begin.

Canceling or Rescheduling
Video Calls are by appointment only. Please call 24 hours before your session if you cannot make it, or you will be charged for your session.

Recording of sessions
Neither party is permitted to record coaching, mentoring or consulting sessions without a written permission of the other party.

Late policy
Please call ahead if you are running late. Leave a message if I am unable to take the call. If you have not contacted me by ten minutes into a scheduled session, I will assume you are not going to be present and you will be charged. Staying on schedule allows me to be respectful of the next appointment.