Do This



“Do this”, says the fish as it snags a bug from the surface.

“Do this”, cries the hawk, spreading its wings open wide.

“Do this”, bellows the tree, crashing to the ground.

“Do this”, murmurs the leaf as it shimmers in the sunlight.

“Do this”, offers the deer as it lopes into the forest.

“Do this”, gurgles the water as it glistens in brilliance.

“Do this”, chirps the bird who softly croons her mate.

With no words they speak,

being moved to move;

making no commentary on progress,

having no concerns about conclusion,

without strategy or discipline.

These are the voices of no reason.

This doing…

doesn’t come from thinking,

but from an intelligence beyond it.

It’s here now,

whispering wisdom on the wind:




Do this.