Feel the Wheel – A Mindful Practice

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI know a secret. And I’m about to spill it. Really…this is the thing you’ve been waiting for – the secret to life! You’ve been looking long and hard, but it’s eluded you. Why? You’re looking in the wrong places. You thought that the secret had something to do with your family or relationships, your job, how you look, your finances, or where you live. Nope. Are you ready for me to tell you? Drumroll….

The secret to life is loving it. And the way to love it, is to be fully engaged in whatever you do. It doesn’t matter what you do, what matters is how you do it. Simple, right? Just be mindful. When you’re washing your hands, BE THERE! When you’re walking down a street, BE THERE!   When you are lifting food  to your mouth, BE THERE! When you are driving, BE THERE!

Speaking of driving, try this today: After you get in the car, put your hands on the steering wheel. Have you ever really noticed it before? How does it feel under your fingers? Is it cool or warm? Grip tightly now. Hold that for a few seconds, then loosen it. Run your thumbs along the top edge of the wheel. Notice the texture. Are there grooves for your fingers to rest? Do they fit well there? Begin driving now, but don’t lose the feel of the wheel.

This is it. If you can be engaged with a steering wheel, you can engage everywhere! You can start using more of your senses, too. Notice how things look, smell, taste, sound. Can you imagine how amazing your next hug will feel? Or how delicious your next meal will taste?

Start now. Love life. Stay engaged. But for now, just feel the wheel.

What challenges have you found with staying in the present moment? Share your experiences or comments…


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