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Need a Change? Create Space for It.

Today, when I opened my cupboard to grab a mug, I noticed them on the top shelf: my high-end drinking glasses; red wine goblets, thinner, white wine glasses, brandy snifters, tall iced tea glasses, short tumblers. Eight of each. When was the last time they were used?...

Feel the Wheel – A Mindful Practice

I know a secret. And I'm about to spill it. Really...this is the thing you've been waiting for - the secret to life! You've been looking long and hard, but it's eluded you. Why? You're looking in the wrong places. You thought that the secret had something to do with...

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Sheila provided a seminar at the Hoyt Library, “Fill my cup: Self-care for givers”. I was so impressed with the techniques Sheila taught and her expertise, I hired her to present a workshop for my staff. Sheila is amazing! She has since been a fixture at our staff workshops held twice a year.

Melissa A. Werner MLIS

Executive Director, Hoyt Library

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