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The Gift

Why does this stranger crash so hard against my heart? I can’t bear it. My chest feels tight and heavy. Who invited him here? Even as I asked it, I knew. I'd been expecting his visit for some time. He’s been whispering to me. I caught a glimpse of him in the eyes of...

This Quiet Place

If searching for the peace inside, a quest for answers deep, wondering why foreboding thoughts are keeping you from sleep, "If he and she and they and that would only be like me, if hate and pain would disappear how perfect life would be.” I'll ask that you come walk...

Recent Video Blog

Sheila provided a seminar at the Hoyt Library, “Fill my cup: Self-care for givers”. I was so impressed with the techniques Sheila taught and her expertise, I hired her to present a workshop for my staff. Sheila is amazing! She has since been a fixture at our staff workshops held twice a year.

Melissa A. Werner MLIS

Executive Director, Hoyt Library

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