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Most of us have trouble sleeping once in awhile. According to the National Center for Sleep Disorders Research at the National Institutes of Health, 30-40% of adults say they experience insomnia a few times each year, and 10-15% of adults report chronic insomnia. Are...

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Self Healing with Lemons

Lemons. It’s the season for them. Do you know why you should be paying attention? Adding them to your diet can make a difference in how you look and feel, and also plays a major role in preventing disease. It's an easy first step to begin healing yourself! After...

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Noticing…How to Calm Down

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Is life moving too fast? Sometimes all we need is a few minutes to create a little space for ourselves. Improve your sleep, attitude and productivity with this quick exercise that changes your perspective and helps you to calm down. Sit...

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There’s No Trying in Meditation!

You’re ready to start taking care of yourself. You want to find ways to handle stress. Someone mentions meditation. No! That’s not for you. Or is it? You might be imagining yourself sitting on a pillow with your eyes closed, trying to attain some zen-like state. When...

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Don’t Worry. Find Happiness.

Happy 2014! What's that? You're not very happy? Then it's time to make a new kind of New Year's resolution: put your happiness before anything else. Have you found that ideal partner? Do you have a great family and supportive friends? Have you been educated? Do you...

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